Rotator Cuff

The Rotator Cuff is the network of muscles and tendons that forms a covering around the top of the upper arm bone (humerus). The Rotator Cuff holds the humerus in place in the shoulder joint and enables the arm to rotate. Rotator Cuff tear is a common cause of pain and disability among adults. Most tears occur in the supraspinatus muscle, but other parts of the cuff may be involved.
What is the cause of Rotator Cuff?

The Rotator Cuff can be injured due to degeneration associated with aging or inflammation of the shoulder. The Rotator Cuff is also commonly injured by trauma for example falling and injuring the shoulder or overuse during sports activities. Rotator Cuff injury is particularly common in people who perform repetitive overhead motions that can stress the Rotator Cuff. These motions are frequently associated with muscle fatigue.
What is the treatment for Rotator Cuff?

Treatment of Rotator Cuff injury depends on the severity of the injury to the tendons of the Rotator Cuff and the underlying condition of the patient. Mild Rotator Cuff disease is treated with ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medications and gradual exercise rehabilitation. More severe rotator cuff injuries require surgical repair.There are different treatments depending on condition which Dr.Kevin yip will advise during the consultation, if there is a need for a treatment or surgery. For an appointment with Dr.Kevin yip please call +65 6471 2691(24hours).