Bankart Repair

Shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body.The movement is dependant on muscles, ligaments including the capsule and rim of cartilage to stabilize it during the movement. Many injuries to the shoulder can dislocate it,stretching,tearing the joint capsule and ligaments away from the front of the joint. A tear of the anterior-inferior labrum is called a “Bankart Lesion”. The Operation invoves tightening or repairing the overstretched and damaged ligamnets, capsule and cartilage
Why do a repair on Bankart lesion?

Most young patients (under the age of 30) who sustain a shoulder dislocation will sustain a Bankart lesion; therefore, there is a high suspicion of this injury whenever a patient dislocates their shoulder. On examination, patients will often have a sense their shoulder is about to dislocate if their arm is placed behind their head. X-rays are sometimes normal, but they may show an injury to the bone called a Hill-Sachs lesion. This is a divot of bone that was injured when the shoulder dislocation occurred.

A MRI may also be obtained in patients who are suspected of having a Bankart lesion. Bankart lesions do not always show up well on MRI scans. When a MRI is performed with an injection of contrast, a Bankart lesion is much more likely to be seen. There are different treatments depending on condition which Dr.Kevin yip will advise during the consultation, if there is a need for a treatment or surgery. For an appointment with Dr.Kevin yip please call +65 6471 2691(24hours).