Lipoma, Tumor (Lump)

LIPOMA is a tumor (lump) under the benign skin consists of fat. Lipomas are usually found in the elderly (40-60 years), but can also be found in children. Because it is a fatty, it can appear anywhere on the body. The most frequent type is located more to the surface of the skin (superficial). They are usually located in the head, neck, shoulders, torso, back, or arms. Another type is located deeper in the skin such as muscle, nerve, joint, or tendon.


Clinical Symptoms

Lipoma is soft to the touch, can be driven, and no pain. Growth is very slow and rarely become malignant. They are typically small, but can grow to reach more than 6 cm in diameter.

Treatment for Lipoma

Basically it is not necessary to take any action, unless it evolves into painful and disturbing movement. Usually a person undergoing surgery for cosmetic reasons. The surgery is minor surgery, namely by slashing overlying skin and remove the existing lipoma. However, the results of operations of existing injuries will suit incision length. To get a more minimal operating results, to do liposuction. Now developed techniques using ultrasound waves to fat can destroy. The thing to remember is if the lipoma that was not lifted entirely, it is still possible to grow again in the future.


Not always when we have parents or ancestors who reserve the lipoma is, then we will have it as well. But there is a syndrome called hereditary multiple lipomatosis, someone who has more than one lipoma on her body. Being overweight does not cause lipomas.