What is Muscle Strain?

A muscle strain is damage caused by over-stretching of muscle tissue. The muscle tissue becomes overloaded and reaches a breaking point where a tear or partial tear occurs. All muscle strains should be rested and allowed to heal. If the patient continues to play, the condition will worsen. If ignored, a grade one strain has the potential to become a grade two strain or even a complete rupture which require a surgery to repair the muscle. Please consult a Orthopaedic surgeon or sports surgeon if your muscle strain remain for 72hours.

What are the treatment for Muscle Strain?

The immediate treatment consists of the ‘PRICE’ protocol: Protection of the injured part from further damage, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. The aim of this protocol is to reduce bleeding within the muscle tissue. Ice therapy in the form of ice pack applications should be continued for the first three days after the injury (never apply ice directly to the skin).

The rehabilitation after this period involves gradually stretching the muscle to elongate the scar tissue and progressively increasing the muscle strength. In order to reduce the risk of muscle re-injury, you need to conslut a orthopaedic Surgeon to examine and advise on the correct procedure of stretching or treatment. If you are interested and to find out more of your condition, you can make an appointment with Dr Kevin Yip, our Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, who is experience in treatment sports injuries and special interest in knee and shoulder injury, you can call +65 6471 2691 to make an appointment or to seek enquiry.