Golfer’s Elbow?

Golfer’s Elbow is a form of tendonitis. Tendons are the ends of muscles that attach to bone. Because of the force of the muscle, the points of insertion of the tendon on the bone are often pointed prominences. The medical names of Golfer’s Elbow (medial epicondylitis) come from the names of these bony prominences where the tendons insert, and where the inflammation causes the pain. The pain of golfer’s elbow is usually at the elbow joint on the inside of the arm; a shooting sensation down the forearm is also common while gripping objects.

The mechanism of this injury can vary from a single violent action to, more commonly, repetitive stress injury where an action is performed repeatedly and pain gradually develops. No one is immune from these injuries, but they are most common at the beginning of the golf season, or when the offending activity is increased in intensity or duration. Golf is one common cause of these symptoms, but many other sport and work-related activities can cause the same problem. Another common cause of this injury is with weekend carpenters who use hand tools on occasion.
What are the treatments for Golfer’s Elbow?

During the early phase of Golfers Elbow, when it is characterised by inflammation, the most obvious treatment would be a short course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs) prescribed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Anti-Inflammatory Gel can also relieve Golfers Elbow pain. Some Surgeon may even inject the affected area with a corticosteroid in order to reduce the pain and inflammation. There are different treatments depending on condition which Dr.Kevin yip will advise during the consultation, if there is a need for a treatment or surgery. For an appointment with Dr.Kevin yip please call +65 6471 2691(24hours).